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Why Big Button Mobile Phones?

Big button mobile phones, like the Amplicomms PowerTel m4000 (available in black/silver) is a new breed of phone designed to target those of us who just want an easy to use device. The market is flooded with powerful handsets that are often packed with features that nobody will ever use; they seem more like a status symbol than anything else.  The keys make it simple to navigate through its menus, although the menu system is also designed to be simple, having only the most basic of features installed. That ensures that users who just want a phone to be a phone get what they are looking for. Nobody wants to have to spend months figuring out how to use their phone just to make some calls and send text messages. The Amplicomms PowerTel m4000 handset is available for a mediocre price of £40 so it’s well within anyone’s budget.

There is huge demand for back-to-basics mobile phones

The Bluechip BC5-i is another example of one our simplest big button mobile phones, plus it’s one of our cheapes. The most noticeable feature about this device is the large buttons and it only has a few more buttons to make or receive calls, plus an up/down menu to navigate between the few menus installed. That’s how mobile phones used to look about fifteen years ago, although back then a similar device would have probably cost £150. Even though it shares similar features to the phones of long ago, the above handset is far superior with sophisticated internal circuitry and a long battery life. The LCD screen is easy to read and since it’s not particularly large, it helps preserve the battery for even longer, meaning it’s a mobile phone that can be relied on.

Even the simplest of phones requires some complex algorithms to operate properly, connecting each of its interfaces and menus. Just because a big button mobile phone is cheap, doesn’t mean it was easy to make. Manufacturers take just as much care producing low-feature phones as they do the high-end devices, with the only real difference being a few extra microchips on the feature-rich handsets. In fact, since simple phones have fewer features their batteries tend to last significantly longer than other devices.

Big button mobile phones are a godsend for many

Even for those of us who like having some features on our handsets, it’s rare that we would use all of them, which means we are wasting our phones battery life on obsolete functions. A back-to-basics phone has more than a few advantages, namely it’s cost-effective, easy to use, has a longer battery life and it doesn’t take months to figure out. Some people who have high-end devices often buy a cheap, easy to use device for taking on longer journeys, simply because it’s less likely to need recharging and therefore it’s more reliable. Big button mobile phones are just one category of new, modern devices that are proving popular with lots of people for a variety of reasons.