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The Wise Store Big Button Mobiles

The Wise Store is the UK’s leading online shop featuring basic, big button mobile phones for the elderly. Our specialist phone range includes basic mobile phones and basic landline phones as well as a wide range of mobile phone accessories and useful home electronics. *Please be aware that for selected Doro handsets a feature which is deemed unnecessary can be removed using the easy to use ‘Hide Unwanted Feature’ tool. … Read More →

Delivering The Best Mobile Phones For Seniors

Many seniors get annoyed at advertisements that claim a cell phone is simple to use, or that big buttons are what they need to dial a number. There are seniors who actually enjoy having all the perks on a cell phone. Extras That Seniors Love As Well A variety of features on cell phones are added functions that some seniors look into. Before buying a mobile phone for a parent, … Read More →

Doro Mobile Phones Exemplify Ease

Doro Mobile Phones

Doro mobile phones are not only easy to use, but come with a variety of features that are helpful to seniors who live on their own. The features on Doro mobile phones are accessed with ease to make it a simple task for the user. Searching The Web Is Easy With Doro Mobile Phones Your parents may have a Stone Age computer in their home with ancient dial up. That … Read More →

Sound Communication With Amplicomms Mobile Phones

Old People Looking At Big Button Mobile Phones

Sound Communication With Amplicomms Mobile Phones Amplicomms mobile phones for the hard of hearing are ingenious devices that cater to the hearing impaired. That is an advantage the makers of Amplicomms mobile phones have compared to other mobile phone manufacturers that don’t offer the same unique features for the hard of hearing. Innovative Concepts In A Mobile Phone Searching for a perfect phone for the hard of hearing is sometimes … Read More →

Make Your Life Simpler With Easy To Use Mobile Phones

Three Easy to Use Mobile Phones

Many people prefer bigger display screens on easy to use mobile phones because they are able to see the screen from a farther distance. You may prefer it as well to avoid placing the phone too close to your face. Compare Your Display Screens There are plenty of mobile phones that will provide a simpler form of calling someone while enabling you to clearly see the screen without squinting all … Read More →

Why Big Button Mobile Phones?

Big button mobile phones, like the Amplicomms PowerTel m4000 (available in black/silver) is a new breed of phone designed to target those of us who just want an easy to use device. The market is flooded with powerful handsets that are often packed with features that nobody will ever use; they seem more like a status symbol than anything else.  The keys make it simple to navigate through its menus, … Read More →