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Doro Mobile Phones Exemplify Ease

Doro mobile phones are not only easy to use, but come with a variety of features that are helpful to seniors who live on their own. The features on Doro mobile phones are accessed with ease to make it a simple task for the user.

Searching The Web Is Easy With Doro Mobile Phones

Your parents may have a Stone Age computer in their home with ancient dial up. That may prompt you to think they are not interested in searching the web. Little do you know they may be as interested as anyone else, but don’t care to catch dust themselves waiting for their computer to turn on.

Doro Liberto 810: A Smartphone For Novices

  • Doro Liberto 810 is the perfect mobile phone for novices who are interested in searching information on the web. This phone provides easy access with simple to use features that anyone can maneuver. That may be just what your parents wanted all along, but never conveyed to you.
  • You may be surprised at how much your parents really know about technology. All they need is a little bit of instruction on how to access the internet on their mobile phone and take it from there. When you come back for a visit they may teach you a thing or two about how to use the innovative mobile phones.
  • A smartphone gives everyone the freedom to search for everything under the sun. Your mom pay want to search for recipes and your dad may be interested in up to the minute sports scores. They will be able to access information anywhere they go.

Seniors May Want To Simplify Their Lives As Well

Once you teach your parents how to text, don’t be surprised at what will happen next. It may take them a little longer to learn how to use the short message service on their brand new phone, but eventually just like everyone else they will get the hang of it.

  • Doro PhoneEasy 612 is ideal for texting. The large display of letters enables them to clearly see what they are texting. Even if they don’t care to learn how to text right away, at least it’s at their disposal if they decide afterwards.
  • This phone is a flip style that many people prefer to stick with. It can be programed to hang up once its folded. This prevents the phone from dialing on its own like many of the touch screens do when they are placed in a back pocket.
  • All along, you may think your parents would never send text messages, so you call them instead. One day they may not answer your call and send a text message that reads, “Busy. Will call later.” You may get a big kick out of it and pat yourself on the back for including that feature on the mobile phones you purchased for them.

Security Features On Doro Secure 681

The security feature on most Doro mobile phones is an enhancement that you can’t go wrong with. It’s an application that caters to the safety of your elderly parents. You’ll feel secure in knowing that help will be on the way if something were to occur.

  • When the emergency call button is pressed the contacts will be notified on a continual basis until someone answers. One of those contacts could be a trusted neighbor that can take immediate action if you are too far away.
  • Your elderly parents will also breathe easier knowing that they have people to depend on in an emergency situation. Many seniors prefer a mobile phone that connects to the people that matter the most. Everything else is irrelevant.

Don’t Text And Drive Mom And Dad

Don’t underestimate the power of a newly learned function that is fun to use. Obtaining Doro mobile phones for your parents that includes the MMS feature may be just the thing to start a newfound interest in photography.

  • It’s definitely not a needed feature, but if your parents are willing to try new things, it would be a perfect addition to include in their cell phones.
  • Just imagine receiving an image from your parents who are having the time of their lives with friends while you thought they were at home sitting in front of the TV. The camera feature is a simple function you could teach them to use and they may enjoy having.
  • Receiving pictures from you and the family will be just as thrilling for your elderly parents. A simple picture to show what you are doing tells them that you are thinking about them at that moment. They will certainly appreciate the gesture.

Easy Video Messaging Features

The biggest delight to give your elderly parents would be a short video of the grandkids from a special event such as an award ceremony at school. Sending that video over the phone will surely give them great pleasure, especially if they were not able to attend.

  • With the upgraded Doro mobile phones you could provide your parents with the video messaging feature that is fairly easy to use. With a quick lesson or two they’ll be able to access the video on Doro PhotoEasy 622. The video may go viral among the senior social gatherings they attend.
  • You can take pleasure as well in receiving videos from your parents on special visits with your siblings that live far away. Family gatherings are commonly shared through video messaging so everyone will be in the loop of things. A mobile phone with this feature could be a special treat for your parents.

High Tech Is Not Just For The Young

There are many seniors who would love to learn how to do everything over the internet via their mobile phones. If they are willing to learn, it creates independence they will appreciate having.

  • With internet access, your parents will be able to pay bills, check bank transactions and shop. All it takes is a little know how and they’ll be set.
  • Hijack your parent’s basic phone and get them Doro PhoneEasy 740, a more sophisticated version they will learn to appreciate once they are introduced to all the benefits of innovative mobile phones.

Bingo, Slots, Crossword Puzzles And Cards

Now that you’ve finally gotten your parents to surrender their basic phone for one of the most updated Doro mobile phones, don’t forget about all the game apps. They may get hooked on the interactive games that are hard to put down.

  • Bingo is a very popular game among the older generation. Even if they go out to a bingo facility, they could easily play it online as well. It could be a great treat for them to play Bingo without any monetary compensation, but just for fun on their cell phones.
  • There are also many apps available for Slot Machine games that they may love to “spin” some time with. Many older folks entertain themselves playing slots on their mobile phones when they are waiting for appointments or getting some fresh air in their patios.
  • Crossword Puzzles and Cards are enjoyable pastimes as well that can be installed as apps on your parent’s mobile phones for quick and easy access at any time. There is no turning back when they learn how to download many more game apps on their own. Sunday dinner at their home may need to be cooked by you.

Sticking To Basics Without The Trimmings

You more than anyone else will know exactly what your parents needs are. Sticking to the basics may be all they want in the first place. They may prefer to leave the technical stuff to the younger generation and use the mobile phone for what it was originally meant to do, calling people.

  • Doro mobile phones come in a variety of styles and implementations. If basic phone features are the only interests, that could be provided without a hitch. The much older generation may prefer the safety features and the SOS button to anything else.
  • The basic phone is also a less expensive alternative that will do the job it’s made to do. If affordability plays a big part in getting only the features needed, then it’s the best option for you.
  • You may be able to afford upgraded versions, but your parents may prefer that you invest that extra money on nice weekend excursions for them. They may enjoy that perfect substitute instead.

Being aware of what most of your options are regarding Doro mobile phones for your parents, will give you an idea of what may suit them the most. Age, comfort level, and a willingness to learn new things, play a big factor in what to select. Only you know what is best for them, so deciding on what they’ll be most satisfied with should not be hard to do with the many choices you have to select from.

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