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* Although one of the most valuable and rewarding of experiences, Rapé is particularly intense. Irritation to the nasal passages is common. Use with caution. Fully familiarize yourself with potential side effects and what to expect.

* It is vitally important to only do Rapé with someone you know and trust. Seriously if not pass for another occasion. Rapé is not a drug per se but can leave an impounding impression so to ensure that impression is a positive one keep good company.

Pronounced as ha-PAY. Rapé is a powerful mixture of powered herbs, barks and tobacco with the predominant ingredient being Nicotiana Rustica, it is administered nasally in an intense experience not for the faint hearted that detoxes and leaves the mind feeling clarity and refreshed. It is not to be confused with Snuff, that is more well known in Europe and North America and is solely tobacco of the Nicotiana Tabacum variant.

Particularly potent Rapé is traditionally used not just as a medicine but also as a call for prayer and connection. It is also a particularly potent detoxifier of both the body and mind leaving the user with thoughts of immense clarity. It’s purging effect causes removal of toxins and bacteria not just from the nasal passage but also

An ancient and spiritural herbal concoction that has  an esteemed history throughout the Latin America’s and Inca civilization. Closely related to ayahuasca in the mode of effectiveness and often recommend in advance of an ayahuasca ceremony in preparation. Today it is most commonly used in the Amazonian regions of Brazil and Peru and remains an important ritual tool, one particularly popular with the tribes of the katukina, yawanawa and Huni Kuin. One of the most important tools for the remaining tribes.

Rapé and tobacco has a history of use going back at least 5000 years. Western discovery was by Colombus around the 1492. Part of Amazonian tribal art and culture both in effect and usage through equipment, Sacred Rapé is a deeply realistic substance and remains one of the most powerful shamanic extracts still in use today,

Rapé What To Expect & Common Side Effects

Although side effects from Rapé can appear intense it is important to remember the beauty of Rapé and it’s incredible benefits are this in part, a general purge is the desired effect and with the purge provides various benefits from cleansing to mind clearing. The stronger the purge the more potent the benefit, though is vital to respect the Rapé and take with caution. Used in the right way can put on a positive path of new perspectives.

  • Nasal irritation
  • Nasal leakage of mucous
  • Watering eyes
  • Potential Nausea and sickness
  • Potential Diarear
  • Dry mouth
  • As the product contains nicotine prolonged use can be addictive.

Rapé Dosage & How To Take

  • The dosage of Rapé varies widely depending on mixture and version. When trying new Rapé always test first with a small quantity no more than half the size of a pea.
  • Rapé should be taken with someone of good standing and who you trust due to it’s powerful properties.
  • Due to the spiritual nature of the plant is important to use in a good setting, ideally in or close to nature.
  • A small amount of Rapé powder should be administered either solo with partner.
  • Adminstration is usually by a pipe made of either Bamboo, Wood or Bone. Though straws or even rolled up paper can be used too.
  • Soplada – The pipe administered by a second person is usually referred to as a Tepi, as is named in Brazil.
  • Self-administered – The single person pipe is called a Kuripe

Rapé Effects

  • Focus, clear and sharpen mind and thoughts
  • Feelings of renewed energies
  • Body and mind detoxifier, effects a person’s aura.
  • Clears sinuses, removes mucous, viruses and toxins. Improves immune system.
  • Provides a sense of calm, grounding and clarity
  • Improved focus

Popular Types of Rapé

  • Yawanawa Rapé
  • Tsunu Rapé
  • Katukina Rapé
  • Nukini Rapé

Rapé Common Ingredients

  • Varying Plants
  • Nicotiana Rustica
  • Cinnamon Ashes
  • Tonka Bean Ashes
  • Clover Ashes
  • Banana Peel Ashes
  • Mint Ashes

Rapé Other Names:

  • Mapacho
  • Amazonian Tobacco
  • Rapé Snuff
  • Rapé Rapé
  • Rume (yawanawa rapé)
Indigenous Stone Use

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