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The Wise Store Big Button Mobiles

The Wise Store is the UK’s leading online shop featuring basic, big button mobile phones for the elderly. Our specialist phone range includes basic mobile phones and basic landline phones as well as a wide range of mobile phone accessories and useful home electronics.

*Please be aware that for selected Doro handsets a feature which is deemed unnecessary can be removed using the easy to use ‘Hide Unwanted Feature’ tool. Please see the full specifications for further handset information.

**For compatible handsets worldwide usage is dependent on Network availability. High network charges may apply if using a UK carrier whilst overseas. It is recommended to explore Network alternatives if travelling abroad, alternatively please contact you current network provider for an overseas pricing summary prior to travel.

About The Wise Store – Big Button Mobile Phones for the Elderly and Useful Home Electronics

The Wise Store mobile phones cater for those who simply just want to make phone calls on basic mobile phones without fiddly buttons and complicated functions. The Wise Store is the specialist in basic, easy to use, big button mobile

phones for the elderly/senior market, those who are hard of hearing, visually impaired, disabled and people with limited dexterity. If you require a basic, easy to use mobile phone then The Wise Store can provide you with the perfect

mobile to suit your needs. The Wise Store also has a useful range of landline phones, mobile phone accessories and home electrical products.

Our basic, big button, easy to use phones have specific features such as big buttons, hearing aid compatibility, extra loud speakers and ringers, easy to use and easy to read displays.

Our Range of Customers Includes

  • The Elderly
  • OAP’s
  • The Visually Impaired
  • The Hard of Hearing
  • Those with Limited Dexterity
  • Other Disabled Customers

Old People Looking At Big Button Mobile Phones
The mainstream phone manufacturers generally have failed to produce mobile phones or landline phones for the elderly or disabled and therefore it can be difficult to find big button mobile phones and easy to use, basic landline phones to

meet your needs. The Wise Store has an extensive range of big button mobile phones, landline phones and home electronics that are specifically manufactured for the elderly, disabled and those who require a more specialist device.

Features of The Wise Store Big Button Mobile Phones for the Elderly

  • Easy to Use
  • Hearing Aid Compatibility
  • Detects Fallen States
  • Text Messaging Facility/SMS
  • Bluetooth(For Bluetooth Hands Free devices)
  • Emergency/Panic Alarm function
  • Pre Programmed Number Capability
  • Big, Clear, Easy to Read Screens
  • Big Buttons
  • Easy Charging Cradles
  • Non Complicated Menus
  • Extra Loud Ringers and Microphones
  • Up to 2 Years Warranty
  • A Host of Accessories

And much much more…

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Big Button Mobile Phones

The multi-million, probably multi-billion, pound mobile phone industry is so huge now that there are too many phones on the market. Choice is usually a good thing but when it comes to selecting an ideal handset it can be daunting,

particularly for those looking for a simple, yet effective device. Fortunately, big button mobile phones are one group of handsets tailored specifically for older generations. They are as

simple as possible, typically containing very few features other than text messaging and a phonebook. Although they lack features, they don’t lack style and reliability, plus they usually have other modern conveniences, such as speed-

dial and one-touch. The only real difference between these phones and high-end Android devices is that they are easy to use.

Trying to buy a simple phone was close to impossible, until recently

Mobile phone sellers were regularly advertising the latest devices and saying they were more feature-packed and thus better, however, there are now sellers offering people simpler devices too. This shift in the trend is great news for

seniors everywhere, primarily those who are tired of reading extensive manuals just to call their friends and family. Having to enable complicated settings on the latest smartphones can be quite daunting and it’s never ideal in cases of

an emergency. These devices are “smart” but with each new feature come a new set of instructions, so it’s no surprise that people are opting for a simple, big button device instead of the latest Android or iPhone.
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For years

the mobile industry totally neglected this side of the market

Technological advancements are a good thing in many respects, but they are not always appealing to each generation. Mobile phones are no different to other technologies except that almost everyone uses them in the modern world. This

global communication instrument is a miracle and one that nobody could live without; however, senior citizens have grown tired of feature-filled handsets that do nothing other than drain the phone’s battery. Seniors have problems with

eyesight and some even have arthritis, meaning small devices packed with obsolete extras serve no real purpose. They have also been quick vocal about it and the industry has responded in kind. There are now an abundance of simple, easy

to use handsets that are also powerful, reliable and cheap.

The lack of features on simple to use handsets significantly lowers its price tag

With less features might come increased usability and speed, but they are also a lot cheaper than high-end smartphones. In fact, most big button mobile phones cost one fifth of their feature-packed counterparts. This huge difference in

price means that it’s not just seniors who are opting for an easy to use device; all generations are now favouring big button handsets because they are cheap and reliable. Perhaps a lot of people have them as a backup to their main

high-end Android, but they use these simple phones as a backup because they can be relied on in an emergency. Some of the latest big button phones have battery lives in excess of three months, something that NO Android or other

smartphone will ever be capable of. The reason that high-end devices have such poor battery life is that they have unnecessary features and functions, each of which requires regular access to the battery. So, simple phones without such

features don’t require any access to the battery unless the phone is being used for a call or message, which in itself doesn’t use much of the battery’s power.
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It isn’t

just the battery that is more impressive on big button mobile phones; here are some of the key differences between high-end devices:

  • Big buttons make texting and calling easier and quicker, particularly useful for seniors with poor eyesight and/or arthritic pains
  • The end-call and start-call buttons can’t be mistaken for anything else, regularly a problem on complicated smartphones when people press a button by mistake and activate an unwanted feature
  • There is no need to manually input settings for each individual feature to ensure it works properly, basically because there aren’t any features that need settings
  • Of the few features that big button devices offer, speed-dial and one-touch are perhaps the most complicated, but since there are only a couple of these features it’s easier for users to learn about them
  • Data from text messages can be easily retrieved using basic menus and the buttons are clearly labelled for their purpose, with a left, right, up and down arrow being the most prominent
  • People can send and receive calls instantly without having to navigate through complicated menu systems, plus they don’t need to worry about pressing the wrong button
  • Big button devices often have large, clear screens that magnify text for users, ideal for those with poor eyesight
  • Of the few features installed on simple devices, they are usually there to make things more convenient, such as a phonebook and calendar, but they are also easy to find using the phone’s user-friendly menus
  • Fumbling around looking for a charger is less of a problem because these simpler devices have better battery life and are thus far more reliable than ANY smartphone
  • Memory lasts a lot longer too, with only contacts and text messages needing stored in the memory

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In conclusion, the fact that big button devices are selling in such large quantities across the country proves how popular and effective they are. Sellers of the latest Android devices now stock a selection of simple, easy to use

handsets. Seniors are the main group of people to thank for this change, since their protests were eventually recognised by manufacturers throughout the world. Top-rated phones don’t need to be packed with features; they just need to

offer users value-for-money, something that big button phones do well. Dialling and texting can now be done in seconds rather than minutes, unnecessary features are now a choice rather than a necessity and all generations seem to be

grateful about it. Elderly people can now call friends and family without having to worry about activating the wrong feature, but, more importantly, they can see the buttons and screen with complete ease.